How do I set up my Polk Command Bar?

To set up your Polk Command Bar, check if your TV has got an HDMI input, labelled "ARC". If your TV does not have an ARC-enabled HDMI input, connect the Command Bar to your TVs Optical output. We still recommend to connect your Command Bar to your TV using an HDMI cable, so you can take advantage of the CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) functionality. This feature disables your TV speakers, provides an on-screen volume graphic, when you adjust the volume or mute your soundbar and you can even control your Command Bar using your TVs remote control.

Now position your Command Bar and connect it to an AC outlet. Then position your Subwoofer and connect it to an AC outlet, as well.

Once plugged in, they are powered on. The Command Bar and Subwoofer should pair automatically. This should take about 30 seconds.

You can verify that the Command Bar and Subwoofer have been paired by looking for a solid green light on the back of your Subwoofer ("BAR SYNC").

Now you are ready for audio playback on your Command Bar.