Polk Sound Bars

Love the idea of surround but not too keen on the idea of a full component speaker system? Don't worry-we've still got you covered! Enjoy powerful, room-filling, high-performance surround sound from our wide-ranging line of sound bars.


Sound Bar Systems

When it comes to massive surround sound, deep bass and crystal clear dialogue, your TV's built-in speakers just don't cut it. So, let Polk sound bars give that stunning picture the quality sound it deserves. Featuring many of our patented audio technologies-and engineered to process advanced surround formats-our sound bars take home theatre to delightful new levels for the whole family.

MagniFi 2

High-Performance Home Theater Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer System with Chromecast Built-in

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Signa S3

Universal TV Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer System with Chromecast Built-in

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Voice Adjust

Isolate and adjust the voice channel level to reproduce clear, crisp, dialogue and never miss a single word of your favourite movie, TV show or sporting event.

Dynamic Balance

Advanced analysis of a speaker’s entire electroacoustic and mechanical system that helps in the selection of better materials and more efficient geometry to build more realistic-sounding loudspeakers.


Cancels out all destructive cross channel interference within the speaker to maintain an expansive soundstage and wide stereo image, whilst enhancing the dungaree three-dimensional sound experience.

Power Port

Dramatically reduces port air turbulence for greater bass impact and lower distortion with less amplifier power.

Enjoy Wireless Surround Sound and Music Streaming

Some Polk sound bars even feature wireless surround sound technology-letting you connect to wireless surround speakers and hear the future of home theatre surround sound. What's more, many of our sound bars also come with built-in wireless music technology-turning every song into a high-performance sonic gem no matter if you're streaming over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.